Artist Statement

The abstraction of queer and feminist narratives has always been central to my work, as I create objects with few ties to any recognizable, pre-existing forms in order to broaden the boundaries and definitions of intimate interactions. My pieces aim to challenge a traditional and easily accessible hetero-intimacy by performing or implying the relationship themselves, or asking the viewer’s participation in order to complete the system of desire. As I invent objects and reinterpret various cultural styles and symbols, I hope to force a reappraisal of dialogues around intimacy. I create objects, environments, video, and performance that holds structural ties to domesticity by referencing architecture and furniture both through form and materiality. Such symbols feel familiar and invite a conversation of intimacy, yet there exist elements of absurdity or surrealism within the works’ abstraction. Greatly influenced by magical realism, I create systems and scenarios that might pass in our reality but don’t truly belong here. I often daydream of fantastic landscapes, and my sculptures act as a conduit to such imagined worlds and corresponding emotions. I aim to turn the outlandish fictions that I have conjured up into some physical reality so as to draw the viewer into the fabricated portal of an alternate world. These fictions create a tension and slight unease within the work, and demand submission by the viewer so that they might gain insight into an unfamiliar, postured intimacy.